Items Seized at the Home 4-25-1983 Officers present: Troopers Johnson, Dave Moran, Barrett, McDonald, Flaherty, Eastman, Flynn, Palombo, and Tamarro

1 Cardboard Box with Miscellaneous Personal Articles

1 .50 Caliber Machine Gun Bullet

1 Toy Cannon

2 Photo Albums (Leonard Paradiso's Room)

14 Loose Photos (Leonard Paradiso's Room)

2 Depth Finders

2 Compasses

1 VHF Radio

1 Italian Flag

1 Book: MAYA Monuments of Civilization (Investigators called a Text Book)

17 Loose Photos (girlfriend's room)

1 Chris Craft Repair Manual

1 Olin Flare Gun Kit

1 Ships Radio License

6 Wooden Signs

Note: Navigation equipment recovered was identified by Tim Burke as Danforth equipment during the Iannuzzi pretrial on 3-8-1984


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