Joan Lucinda Webster

8-19-1956 to 11-28-1981

Joan Webster arrived at Logan Airport on Saturday 11-28-1981.  A massive multi state search ensued when Joan disappeared after leaving the airport.  Her remains were found buried in Hamilton, MA in April 1990. 

The case was highly publicized and the subject in numerous books.  The recently published theory published by the former prosecutor Tim Burke is false and obstructs the truth in the case.

The DA's office in Essex County MA is the current custodian of case files and have "recently" reopened the case.   The office has obstructed witness information from being brought forward and promoted Burke's book. 

Thousands of pages of relevant documents have been recovered refuting the published assertions in Joan's case and alleged related crimes.  

THE CASE NEEDS TRANSPARENCY and officials need to be held accountable for misconduct and obstruction in a capitol offense.

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