1975  Irish mob boss James Whitey Bulger turns informant for FBI handler John Connolly in Boston

August 3, 1975  Senate hearings on CIA MKULTRA mind control beginning in the 1950's

December 4, 1975  ITT CIA Senate Church Commission hearings on ITT CIA activity from 1963-1974 in Chile

February 2, 1979  Indictments handed down on the Winter Hill Gang horse race-fixing scheme

May or June 1979  Marie Iannuzzi stayed with Christine DeLisi 4-5 days following a violent physical argument with David Doyle

July? 1979  Marie Iannuzzu's cat ran away

August 10, 1979  Marie Iannuzzi with Eddie Fisher

August 11, 1979  Milano family wedding 

August 12, 1979  Marie Iannuzzi murdered

August 12, 1979  Marie Iannuzzi's body found

August 13, 1979  Marie Iannuzzi's body identified at Lynn Hospital morgue at approximately 9:20 am

August 13, 1979  Iannuzzi autopsy

August 14-16, 1979  Wake for Marie Iannuzzi

August 16-17, 1979  Boyfriend/suspect David Doyle arrested at Newark Airport with stolen airline ticket from LaGuardia to Boston - Gave name and address of Edward Day

August 17, 1979  Marie Iannuzzi funeral

August 20, 1979  Rosemary Doyle tells Inspector Arthur Cook of the Saugus PD that scratches on her son David Doyle are from a motor vehicle accident on 6-10 or 11-1979.  The statement is made after the wake when ADA Burke and Doyle suggest the scratches were the result of a bar room brawl. Descriptions were of fresh wounds

August 28, 1979  Paradiso passes polygraph given by examiner LaPerl at the direction of his attorney John Cavicchi regarding the murder of Marie Iannuzzi 

Spring 1980  Lancaster Street Garage opened to front Bulger operations being moved from Somerville, MA 

July 10, 1980  Det Sgt James Russo and Det William Gannon of the Revere PD take assault report from Janet McCarthy

July 23, 1980  ADA Tim Burke obtains warrant to bug Lancaster Street Garage

August? 1980  Officer Arthur Cook removed from the Iannuzzi case  

1980   FBI begin bugging Angiulo family in Operation BOSTAR against the mafia

August 4, 1980  Lt Col John O'Donovan phones FBI regarding leaks that tipped Bulger to wiretaps

October 29, 1980  Judge Paquet denies Anthony Pisa's 7th motion for a new trial 

November 19, 1980  Parole officer Victor Anchukaitis met with Inspector Long of the Saugus PD to discuss Paradiso as suspect in Iannuzzi murder

February 1981  Trooper Andrew Palombo becomes chief investigating officer on the Iannuzzi case

May 1981  Gareth Penn contacts the FBI with theory Harvard professor Michael Henry O'Hare is the Zodiac murderer

June 15, 1981  Bond paroled from murder conviction of Barbara Mitchell

July 26, 1981  Paradiso reports his boat the Malafemmena missing and files claim with Liberty Mutual Insurance

August 6, 1981  Inspector Long interviews David Dellaria, friend of Doyle, regarding Doyle's statements about the Iannuzzi murder

September 1981  ADA Tim Burke first assigned to prosecute homicide cases

September 29, 1981  Liberty Mutual Insurance pays the claim for Malafemmena

October 23, 1981  Mary Foreman, community activist, is murdered

November-December 1981  Geraldo Rivera and 20/20 film crews get film footage of Michael O'Hare

November 20, 1981  Bond arrested for the murder of Mary Foreman

November 23, 1981  Joan Webster presents 11 week project in class 

November 26, 1981  Thanksgiving

November 28, 1981  George, Eleanor, and Anne Webster drive Joan to Newark airport for Eastern 960 to Logan

November 28, 1981  Joan Webster disappears from Logan airport

November 28, 1981  The Great Lynn Fire  

November ?-December 1, 1981  George Webster is out of town 

November 30, 1981  Classes resume at Harvard

December 1, 1981  Classmate David Duncan calls Websters to report Joan has not returned for classes

December 1, 1981  George Webster return flight from CA

December 2, 1981  Missing person report is filed with Sgt Peter O'Hare with the Harvard Police and report copied to Lt L Murphy 

December 2, 1981  Joan Webster's purse and wallet found in Saugus by Anthony Belmonte 

December 3, 1981  Boston FBI contacted

December 4-7, 1981  Interviews of airport personnel, cabbies, passengers

December 9, 1981  Extortion call to the Websters

December 1981  ADA Carol Ball in Middlesex County assigned the Joan Webster case

December 1981  Composite drawn of bearded man seen at the airport with Joan Webster

December 18, 1981  Extortion call claiming Joan is alive

December 25, 1981  George and Eleanor Webster make a public appeal

January 9, 1982  Woman given ride from Boston Greyhound bus station from man identifying himself as an undercover cop

January 18, 1982  Eleanor Webster inquires about dental records for authorities

January 18, 1982  Websters hold press conference and ITT offers $10,000 reward

January 19, 1982  Anonymous call to Chief Donald Peters Saugus PD connecting Webster and Iannuzzi cases.  Caller was later identified as Patty Bono

January 20, 1982   Websters learn name of Paradiso from anonymous call from Patty Bono

January 25, 1982  Boston PD receive anonymous letter suggesting Joan Webster murdered at fraternity party

January 29, 1982  Joan's bag found in New York or Boston

January or February 1982  3 males arrested by MSP for fraudulent information to claim reward money

February 5, 1982  Discovery of Joan's suitcase first reported

February 1982   Suffolk County ADA Burke under Newman Flanagan receives Essex County unresolved Iannuzzi murder case

Late February 1982  George Webster holds meeting with all agencies, 3 county DA's offices, an MSP trooper from each DA             office, Saugus and Harvard PD, Lt Col John O'Donovan, Logan Airport detective unit

February 27, 1982  Jeremiah Murphy published on first page of Saturday Metro section about Tim Burke and the triple homicide

Lat February 1982  Tim Burke alleges call from Kathy Leonti to review the Marie Iannuzzi murder after reading the triple homicide article

March 2, 1982  Subpoenas issued for Iannuzzi grand jury

March 5, 1982  Grand jury the "Commonwealth vs. Leonard Paradiso"  for the murder of Marie Iannuzzi - cause number 038655 - Paradiso was present, but not called to stand to testify

March 11, 1982  Trooper Carl Sjoberg of the MSP informs Paradiso's parole officer Victor Anchukaitis that Paradiso was subpoenaed in a John Doe grand jury and is a suspect in new Boston case

Spring 1982  Michael Delisi conversation with David Doyle at the Cardinale's Nest regarding the Iannuzzi murder

April 1982  George and Eleanor Webster are in contact with Gareth Penn regarding Zodiac theory

April 3, 1982  George Webster mails letter postmarked from Cambridge, MA

April 4, 1982  Report of anonymous letter mailed from Cambridge to the Middlesex DA claiming Joan  was in a bag and to search Walden Pond

April 5, 1982  John Doe Grand Jury regarding Iannuzzi murder - cause number 038655

April 5, 1982  Walden Pond searched

April 8, 1982  Psychic tells Beverly police to search Wenham Lake in Hamilton, MA

April 12, 1982  George Webster letter to the FBI

April 14, 1982 Multiple agencies meet with SA Roger DePue of the FBI to develop profile

April 16, 1982  George Webster meets with FBI 

April 20, 1982  Brian Bowen from the Central Parole Office requests Paradiso's records for DA's investigation

April 21, 1982  2 cards to the Websters claiming knowledge about Joan

April 23, 1982  Weyant takes 5th Amendment right on counsel's advise at John Doe grand jury for the Iannuzzi murder

April 29, 1982  George Webster letter to the FBI

April 30, 1982 George Webster conference

May 2, 1982  George and Eleanor Webster remove Joan's belongings from Perkins Hall

May 2, 1982  Anonymous call claiming Joan is alive

May 25, 1982  David Doyle charged with assault and battery in EB

June 1982?  Tim Burke subpoenaed hospital records from all Boston area ER's

June 16, 1982  David Doyle charged with asault and battery with a dangerous weapon in EB

June 22, 1982  Iannuzzi John Doe grand jury

June 28, 1982  Indictment handed down for Paradiso in Iannuzzi murder 0438655 indictment charging murder in the first degree

July 6, 1982  Paradiso arrested for Iannuzzi murder by Trooper Andrew Palombo, Det LT O'Connor and Trooper Bill Johnson

July 6, 1982  Sgt Carmen Tammaro meets with Paradiso at the Charles Street Jail

July 7, 1982   Sgt Tammaro offers deal to Paradiso attorney James Cipoletta while attorney was being treated at Mass General Hospital

July 21, 1982  Copies of dental records provided from Dr Joseph Pallis for Boston authorities

August 1, 1982  Sgt Carmen Tammaro meets with Paradiso at the Charles Street Jail

October 1982  David Dellaria gives statement to Paradiso's attorney James Cipoletta at the Charles Street Jail regarding the Iannuzzi murder

October 1982  Developer John O'Connell arrested by FBI for falsifying federal grant application for the Pier 7 dry dock and  incarcerated for perjury

October 13, 1982  George and Eleanor Webster increase reward to $25,000 for information and $50,000 for information leading to the capture of offender

October 14, 1982  Extortion call that Joan Webster still alive

October 15, 1982  George Webster meets with extortion caller Harvey Martel in Concord, NH - FBI, ITT, police involved - no charges pressed

October 20, 1982  Trooper Andrew Palombo report alleging Paradiso statement at the time of his arrest on 7-6-1982

October 25, 1982  Call claiming Joan alive in Maine held by individuals involved with drugs

November 5, 1982  Request of FBI for fingerprint comparison of Leonard Paradiso in Joan Webster case

November 8, 1982  Man found sleeping in car ouside Webster home attempting to meet with them

November 24, 1982  Fingerprint analysis of Paradiso in Webster case is negative, no match

December 8,1982  Robert Bond and Paradiso both moved to Charles Street Jail

December 8, 1982  Information provided to FBI for Interpol Blue Notice

December 8 or 9, 1982  Meeting scheduled with PI and authorities

December 8-29, 1982  Robert Bond and Leonard Paradiso both incarcerated at the Charles Street Jail

December 12, 1982  Bearded man identified as Trooper Palombo who followed 2 women at Logan Airport and gave them a ride

December 13, 1982  Bond found guilty in the murder of Mary Foremen 

December 14, 1982  Bond alleges Paradiso confessed crimes he had committed to Bond

January 5, 1983  Tim Burke alleges he received a letter from Bond implicating Paradiso in the Marie Iannuzzi murder and the Joan Webster case

January 10, 1983  Bond sentenced to life at Walpole

January 10, 1983  Tim Burke, Trooper Andrew Palombo, Sgt Carmen Tammaro, John Gillen meet with Bond and offer him a manslaughter charge - Bond granted a retrial - Reward money discussed

January 10, 1983  Bond mails letter to ADA Burke from Concord Prison.  Envelope addressed to Burke is inside an envelope addressed to Bond's family

January 12, 1983  Bond speaks with Deputy Carter at Concord prison concerned letter has not been received

January 14, 1983  Interview with Robert Bond at Suffolk County Courthouse

January 15-17, 1983  Sgt Carmen Tammaro arranges to obtain Bond letter from Bond's family with Jack Murphy

January 17, 1983  Sgt Carmen Tammaro, Sgt Hudson and Trooper Andrew Palombo meet with Bond to go over his statement

January 17, 1983  Tim Burke Allegedly receives letter in mail from Robert Bond

January 18, 1983  Bond polygraph with Jack Nasuti of the MSP at the direction of Sgt Carmen Tammaro

January, 1983  MA state prison inmate contacts Boston division naming Paradiso responsible for Joan Webster murder, and claims Webster was dumped in Boston Harbor  

January 27, 1983  First Bond reports in paper   

January 1983  Janet McCarthy comes forward after seeing Paradiso's picture on TV in connection with the Webster case

Late January 1983  ADA Carol Ball from Middlesex County informs Burke about Anthony Pisa allegations  

January or February 1983  Jean Day is assaulted and badly beaten - Marie Iannuzzi sister - testimony favorable to Paradiso

February 1983?  Leonard Paradiso passes polygraph test regarding Joan Webster case

February 1, 1983  Sgt Carmen Tammaro's childhood acquaintace Patty Bono comes forward

February 8, 1983  Reginald Webster dies in Palm Beach, FL

February 17, 1983  Grand jury regarding rape charges in the Iannuzzi case

March 3, 1983  Interpol Blue Notice issued - missing person notice for Joan Webster

March 4, 1983  Attorney Zalkind appointed to represent Robert Bond

March 28, 1983  ADA Tim Burke travels to Quantico to meet with FBI regarding Joan Webster case

April 5, 1983  Palombo travels to Maine

April 5, 1983  Burke states first meeting with George and Eleanor Webster - informs them of Paradiso 

April 12, 1983  Trooper Palombo examines Paradiso x-rays at Lynn Hospital

April 25, 1983  Search warrant executed at Weyant home 

May 1983  Paradiso moved to Walpole to await Iannuzzi trial

May 3, 1983  Suffolk County DA's office contacted the FBI informing them of potential bankruptcy fraud by Paradiso and Candy Weyant

May 10, 1983  FBI SA Steve Broce meets with ADA Tim Burke

June 1, 1983  Paradiso declines Commonwealth offer for a lesser plea

June 2, 1983  Tim Burke on behalf of the Commonwealth rescinds plea bargain offer to Paradiso

June 6, 1983  Grand jury hands down a true bill in the Commonwealth vs Leonard Paradiso for the charge of rape of Marie Iannuzzi  043033

June 13, 1983  Anthony Pisa motion for new trial

June 17, 1983  FBI SA Steve Broce meets with Trooper Andrew Palombo

July 11, 1983  FBI SA Steve Broce interviews witness Covino

July 12, 1983  John Doe grand jury investigating disappearance of Joan Webster docket number 044570A

July 15, 1983  David Doyle charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon

July 18, 1983  US Attorney Marie Buckley meets with ADA Tim Burke

July 27, 1983  Weyant immunized and testifies at John Doe grand jury for Joan Webster case

July 28, 1983  Federal search warrant executed on Weyant safety deposit box

August 11, 1983   Weyant pleads innocent to murder-accessory charge in Marie Iannuzzi case brought by prosecutor Tim Burke

August 12, 1983  FBI confidential source with information leading to recovery of Malafemmena provided to SA Steve Broce

August 15, 1983  ADA Tim Burke meets with US Attorney Marie Buckley regarding Federal charges against Paradiso and Weyant

August 15, 1983  SA Steve Broce meets with ADA Tim Burke regarding location of boat

August 20, 1983  Trooper Andrew Palombo requests personal property of Joan Webster be secured

August 20, 1983  Personal property is taken from Webster home and secured in NJ

August 25, 1983  US Attorney Marie Buckley begins Federal grand jury against Paradiso and Weyant

Fall 1983  ADA Tim Burke meets with Pier 7 Developer John O'Connell at Federal Courthouse 

September 8, 1983  Judge Liacos expands Weyant immunity to cover Iannuzzi case

September 9, 1983  Weyant testifies before John Doe grand jury investigating Webster case

September 19, 1983  Grand jury indictments handed down against the Angiulo family, Gennaro Angiulo arrested

September 26, 1983  Malafemmena found submerged at mooring at Pier 7

September 27, 1983  Malafemmena raised

September 27, 1983  Trooper Palombo examines Paradiso x-rays at Lynn Hospital

September 27, 1983  FBI begins testing of boat

September 29, 1983  Confidential source provides FBI with name of Charlene Bullerwell from photo seized in 4-25-1983 search warrant conducted by Sgt Carmen Tammaro and Trooper Andrew Palombo

September 30, 1983  Confidential source contacts Boston FBI again with additional information

October - November 1983  Divers continue search of Pier 7 - no evidence recovered

October 3, 1983  Marine surveyor David Williams inspected Malafemmena

October 3, 1983  FBI SA Steve Broce locates Charlene Bullerwell

October 4, 1983  FBI SA Steve Broce and 2nd unidentified individual interview Charlene Bullerwell

October 7, 1983  ADA Burke claims purse/jewelry bag in safety deposit box identified as Joan Webster's

October 12, 1983  David Williams conducts second inspection of Malafemmena

October 15, 1983  ADA Tim Burke meets with Websters

October 20, 1983  ADA Tim Burke instructs Officer Nick Saggese where to dive for for gun at Pier 7 

October 24, 1983  Middlesex County ADA James Sahakian files Commonwealth's objection to grant Anthony Pisa motion for new trial

October 28, 1983  Anthony Pisa motion for a new trial taken under advisement by Judge Elam  

January 3, 1984  Middlesex County ADA Laurence Hardoon files memorandum withdrawing Commonwealth's objection to Anthony Pisa motion for a new trial

January 13, 1984  ADA Tim Burke alleges he received a letter from Paradiso

January 19, 1984  Trooper Andrew Palombo and Det Murphy of the Boston PD request to speak with Paradiso at Walpole.  Request made through Sgt Easyrock at the prison

January 22, 1984  Trooper Palombo and Det Murphy attempt unsuccessfully to speak with Paradiso at Walpole                         

January 23, 1984  Attorney Stephen Rappaport appointed by court to represent Paradiso

February 9, 1984  John Doe Federal grand jury testimony by USA Marie Buckley

February 16,1984  John Doe Federal grand jury testimony by USA Marie Buckley

February 17, 1984  Trooper Palombo interviews Janet McCarthy

March 2, 1984  Trooper Andrew Palombo John Doe Federal grand jury testimony

March 5-12 1984  Iannuzzi pretrial evidentiary hearing - Judge Roger Donahue presiding

March 5, 1984  Bullerwell pretrial testimony reported in the papers

March 5, 1984  Janet McCarthy pretrial testimony

March 6, 1984  Patty Bono pretrial testimony

March 6, 1984  Three additional indictments handed down from the Suffolk County grand jury - Paradiso pleads not guilty to all three

March 6, 1984  Weyant declared hostile witness

March 7, 1984  Trooper Andrew Palombo and Officer Nick Saggese Iannuzzi pretrial testimony

March 8, 1984  Informant Robert Bond affidavit alleging Paradiso murdered Marie Iannuzzi and Joan Webster - ADA Tim Burke requests protective order for discovery

March 8, 1984  Weyant Iannuzzi pretrial testimony in open court before reporters

March 8 or 9, 1984  Federal Grand Jury indicts Paradiso and Weyant in fraud charges alleged to stem from sinking of Malafemmena on last day for the seated Federal grand jury

March 9, 1984  Weyant testimony reported in papers

March 12, 1984  Anthony Pisa Iannuzzi pretrial testimony alleging Paradiso involvement in Iannuzzi and Webster cases

March 13, 1984  Bail reduction hearing for Anthony Pisa before Judge Elam - Pisa released from jail

March 13, 1984  Court orders exhibit #15 sealed and impounded - Robert Bond statement

March 21, 1984  David Doyle had 3 counts dismissed on the motion of the prosecutor (Essex County?)

March 28, 1984  Paradiso and Weyant arraigned in Federal court for bankruptcy and mail fraud charges

April 26, 1984  Weyant attorney Walter Underhill files motion to dismiss Federal charges against Weyant

June 16, 1984  Defense investigator Ray Morgan contacts George and Eleanor Webster

July 9, 1984  Iannuzzi murder trial begins, Judge Roger Donahue presiding

July 12, 1984  Charlene Bullerwell refuses to testify 

July 22, 1984  Guilty verdict for 2nd degree murder in Iannuzzi case and assault with intent to rape

July 25, 1984  Sentencing hearing

November 26, 1984  Dental records hand delivered from NJ at request of Tim Burke for comparison to partial jaw washed up on shore.  Negative results

November 26, 1984  Tim Burke meeting and request for personal items previously secured in NJ.  FBI SA Steve Broce named as contact for transfer

November 28, 1984  Insurance fraud case regarding Malafemmena 

December 18, 1984  Tim Burke petitions Judge James McGuire for surgical removal of splinter in Paradiso's finger

December 21, 1985  SA Steve Broce arranges for transfer of personal items unrelated to bankruptcy case after confering with Tim Burke

January 4, 1985  SA Frank Barletto assists packing of personal items in NJ for transfer to FBI

January 16, 1985  ADA Tim Burke argues before Judge James McGuire regarding splinter allegedly linking Paradiso to Joan Webster

January 29, 1985  Court hearing for insurance fraud regarding the Malafemmena begins 

February 13, 1985  X-Ray ordered on Paradiso left index finger for clues to Webster case

February 15, 1985  Police force used to Xray Paradiso's left index finger

February 16, 1985  MA supreme court injunction to prevent further X-rays of Paradiso's finger

February 18, 1985  Paradiso acquitted of insurance fraud involving Malafemmena

March 1985  Sgt Carmen Tammaro allegedly offers deal to have charges dismissed against Walpole inmate Anthony Manni in return for a "confession" solicited from Paradiso             

April 4, 1985  Federal Bankruptcy fraud case begins against Paradiso

April 5, 1985  Paradiso receives treatment in RI for 6 week old broken finger injury

April 9, 1985  Paradiso found guilty on 3 counts in Federal charges

May 10, 1985  Paradiso sentenced for 3 counts of bankruptcy fraud by Judge Bruce Celya

May 28, 1985  Garden dedication for Joan Webster at Gund Hall at Harvard

July 24, 1985  State, local, and Federal investigators report they have developed sufficient strong evidence to determine Paradiso abducted and murdered Joan Webster

September 16-20, 1985  Tim Burke resigns from the DA office sometime during this week

September 23, 1985  Local, state, and Federal authorities in agreement that information has been developed to conclude Paradiso raped and murdered Joan Webster

September-November 1985  Private investigator Bruce Latham hired to investigate Joan Webster case

November 5, 1985  Paradiso filed motion for a new trial

November 23, 1985  Informant Robert Bond convicted of murdering Mary Foreman in the retrial

November 25, 1985  Robert Bond filed motion that the state failed to fulfill promises naming Tim Burke, Andrew Palombo, Carmen Tammaro, and John Gillen

February 13, 1986  Trial Judge Donahue acting as motion judge ruled to deny Paradiso motion for a new trial without hearing

June 11, 1986  Paradiso files motion to reconsider his motion for a new trial

July 1, 1986  Trial Judge Donahue, acting as motion judge denied Paradiso motion to reconsider without hearing

July 3, 1986  Paradiso files notice of appeal

August 1986  Trooper is published written by Dave Moran with Richard Radford

August 13, 1986  Janet McCarthy assault case against Paradiso

August 15, 1986  Paradiso convicted in Janet McCarthy case - Suffolk County ADA James Larkin attempts to discuss Joan Webster case with Paradiso and attorney before sentencing - Paradiso declines

1987  Gareth Penn publishes Times 17 implicating Harvard professor Michael Henry O'Hare as the Zodiac murderer and alleging O'Hare also murdered Joan Webster

September 25, 1987  Trooper Bill Johnson, former Palombo partner, involved in incident at Logan Airport with James Whitey Bulger

Winter 1987  George and Eleanor Webster meet with Robert Bond

June 1988  Robert Bond stabbed by fellow inmates at Somers Prison

September 29, 1988  Robert Bond moved into Federal prison system

April 18, 1990  Skull found in Hamilton, MA

April 18, 1990  Unidentified victim pronounced dead at 12:10 PM

April 25, 1990  Grave site discovered by Det Scott Janes, Officer Paul Accomando, and Det Paul Grant

April 26, 1990  Excavation begins of shallow grave in Hamilton, MA

April 30, 1990  Remains identified as Joan Webster through dental records

May 2, 1990  George and Eleanor Webster visit Hamilton gravesite

June 11, 1990  Paradiso motion to dismiss for 1985 conviction on indictments 042861, 047085, 047086 (sealed)

July 13, 1990  Joan Webster's remains cremated in Salem, MA

July 1990  Joan Webster's cremated remains buried in Glen Ridge, NJ

July 15, 1991  Suffolk County DA's office exposed for duplicate and secret files in homicide cases from 1980-1988 under the head of homicide John Kiernan

September 25, 1992  Tim Burke buys property of former drug trafficker and Bulger associate Frank Lepere in Marshfield, MA

September 2, 1994  Tim Burke buys additional property in Marshfield, MA in another transaction involving the Lepere family

January 5, 1995  FBI informants Bulger, Flemmi, and Salemme indictments are compromised

October 3, 1995  President Bill Clinton acknowledges and apologizes to the victims and families of CIA MKULTRA, mind control, experiments illegally conducted on citzens and children in the US

December 29, 1997  Websters don't expect deathbed confession from Paradiso -reported to be near death

1997  FBI corruption exposed in handling James Bulger as a protected informant

July 3, 1998  Trooper Andrew Palombo killed in motorcycle accident in his hometown of Lynn after hitting an oil slick

September 25, 1998  Trooper Bill Johnson, former Palombo partner and involved in Paradiso arrest, commits suicide

December 22, 1999  FBI John Connolly indicted on charges for falsifying FBI reports, accepting bribes, and protecting informants Bulger and Flemmi

2000  Black Mass the True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the Irish Mob and the FBI by Dick Lehr and Gerald O'Neill is published recounting corruption in Boston's law enforcement and investgative agencies

December 2000  US Justice Department investigate FBI corruption in Boston and uncover secret FBI informant files

June 2001  Letter discovered with allegations of criminal act

May 29, 2002  FBI John Connolly convicted for his handling of FBI informants Bulger and Flemmi

November 2003  US House Government Reform Committee report on FBI connection to New England Mafia

Early 2005  Journals dicovered corroborating allegations of criminal act

April 29 to May 1, 2005  Break in reported at office of counselor

June 2005  Police report filed

Summer 2005  George and Eleanor Webster meet with Tim Burke in Marshfield, MA and Burke decides to write book

September 13, 2005  Parole hearing for Robert Bond

November 1, 2005  Parole denied for Robert Bond

November 28, 2006  Tim Burke announces publication of book about Paradiso supported by George and Eleanor Webster 

February 7, 2008  Robert Bond taken to Lemuel Shattuck Hospital where Paradiso is a patient

February 18, 2008  The Paradiso Files by Tim Burke is published 

February 27, 2008  Leonard Paradiso passed away at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

May 23, 2008  Perjured testimony regarding letter

Late August, 2008  Paradiso witness harrassed

October 24, 2008  George and Eleanor claim privacy for independent review of case

January 22, 2009  Witness harrassed with anonymous letter

May 28, 2010  George Webster notified of Robert Bond's upcoming parole opportunity

June 15, 2010 Eleanor Webster dies

July 12-17, 2010  Witness harrassed

August 9, 2010  Bond postpones his own parole hearing

April 19, 2011  Parole Hearing for Robert Bond

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