Items Seized from Safety Deposit Box 7-28-1983 - Held Jointly by Leonard Paradiso and His Girlfriend

1 Red Silk Jewelry Pouch (Alleged to be Joan's)

2 Rings (1 Coin - 1 Turquoise)

4 Gold Chains

7 Charms

1 Sharks Tooth

1 Black Leather Wallet with   

      3 Business Cards

      2 Photos

      1 Driver's License

      1 Membership Card

5 Rolls Susan B Anthony Dollars

1 Brown Paper Bag 

      1 Large Silver Bracelet

Note: No items were seized in the Federal search that furthered the bankruptcy charges, the basis for the search.  No items were found furthering the Iannuzzi murder case that Paradiso was indicted for.  The silk jewelry pouch was not positively identified as inferred by authorities to be Joan's.  Excuplatory evidence has been recovered that the pouch did not belong to Joan Webster.

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